Chueco’s ChristmasChueco’s Christmas

Chueco’s Christmas

Chueco discovers that the family doesn't celebrate Christmas and tries to bring the spirit back.

Description from Disney+ USA

Chueco is thrilled: it's finally Christmas, his favorite time of the year! But his excitement is shattered when Juan informs him that they don't celebrate Christmas, and even Santa Claus knows he doesn't need to visit their house. Amanda explains to an astonished Chueco that the Christmas spirit disappeared from the Gustozzis' hearts when Lorena passed away. Chueco can't simply do nothing: he decides to arrange shock therapy to help bring back their Christmas spirit. He decorates the house with Christmas ornaments and calls Santa Claus himself to bring presents to the house, but it's all to no avail. What Chueco wouldn't have suspected is that Amanda is his best ally to bring back the spirit of Christmas.
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