Shark Attack 360Shark Attack 360

Shark Attack 360

Experts investigate the reasons behind shark attacks around the world.

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Shark Attack 360 investigates why sharks bite humans. An international team of experts hunts for the clues. They unravel the surprising threads that link them. And as the evidence mounts, they analyze data in a cutting-edge VFX shark lab, all in order to understand in forensic detail why sharks attack.
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2024Season 18 episodes
 Episode titleTrackCaptionsFormat
1.Blood in the Water
The 360 team investigates a string of shark attacks in Australia
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
2.Swimmers Beware
Diva and the 360 team investigate a series of bull shark bites.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
3.Killers in the Water
The team uncover a dramatic change in bites along the South African coast.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
4.Making Waves
The 360 team investigates a shark attack on a foil boarder.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
5.Dangerous Forces
The 360 team investigates a mysterious cluster of shark bites.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
6.Urban Jaws
The 360 team investigates a devastating shark bite in Australia.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
7.Bites in the Shallows
A series of bites hit Long Island after 40 years. The team works out why.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD
8.Coming in Hot
The team uncovers a cluster of rare winter bites in California.
EnglishEnglish [CC]HD