Erased: WW2's Heroes of ColorErased: WW2's Heroes of Color

Erased: WW2's Heroes of Color

Idris Elba reveals the unsung stories of people of color who fought in WW2.

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From Idris Elba, whose grandfather fought in WW2, this landmark series reveals the untold stories of soldiers of color in the war. By mixing war sequences with character portraits, this series restores the role of these soldiers and their units to their rightful place in the narrative of WW2 and reveals how these heroes inspired Civil Rights Movements in America and across the world.
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2024Season 14 episodes
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1.Pearl Harbor
Idris Elba tells how three Black heroes survived the Pearl Harbor attack.
English, MagyarEnglish [CC], Español, ItalianoHD
Idris Elba on how a Black barrage balloon crew helped free Europe on D-Day.
English, MagyarEnglish [CC], Español, ItalianoHD
Amid the chaos of Dunkirk, one unknown Indian regiment fights for victory.
English, MagyarEnglish [CC], Español, ItalianoHD
4.Battle of the Bulge
The Black Panthers, an elite tank unit, pushed back Hitler’s final advance.
English, MagyarEnglish [CC], Español, ItalianoHD